Papers from the HERA team

HERA Science Forecasts

  • Constraining high-redshift X-ray sources with next generation 21-cm power spectrum measurements, Ewall-Wice et al. 2016, MNRAS 458, 2710 [Arxiv, ADS, MNRAS]
  • Eliminating the optical depth nuisance from the CMB with 21 cm cosmology, Liu et al. 2016, PRD 93, 043013 [Arxiv, ADS, PRD]
  • Constraining cosmology and ionization history with combined 21 cm power spectrum and global signal measurements, Liu et al. 2016, MNRAS 457, 1864 [Arxiv, ADS, MNRAS]
  • Adding Context to James Webb Space Telescope Surveys with Current and Future 21 cm Radio Observations, Beardsley et al. 2015, ApJ 800, 128 [Arxiv, ADS, ApJ]
  • 21CMMC: an MCMC analysis tool enabling astrophysical parameter studies of the cosmic 21 cm signal, Greig & Mesinger 2015, MNRAS 449, 4246 [Arxiv, ADS, MNRAS]
  • Detecting the 21 cm forest in the 21 cm power spectrum, Ewall-Wice et al. 2014, MNRAS 441, 2476 [Arxiv, ADS, MNRAS]
  • What Next-generation 21 cm Power Spectrum Measurements can Teach us About the Epoch of Reionization, Pober et al. 2014, ApJ 782, 66 [Arxiv, ADS, ApJ]

Science Results from Precursor Experiments


  • PAPER-64 Constraints On Reionization II: The Temperature Of The z=8.4 Intergalactic Medium, Pober et al. 2015, ApJ 809, 62 [Arxiv, ADS, ApJ]
  • PAPER-64 Constraints on Reionization: The 21cm Power Spectrum at z=8.4, Ali et al. 2015, ApJ 809, 61 [Arxiv, ADS, ApJ]
  • Multi-redshift limits on the 21cm power spectrum from PAPER, Jacobs et al. 2015, [Arxiv, ADS, ApJ]
  • New Limits on 21 cm Epoch of Reionization from PAPER-32 Consistent with an X-Ray Heated Intergalactic Medium at z = 7.7, Parsons et al. 2014, ApJ 788,106 [Arxiv, ADS, ApJ]


  • Empirical Covariance Modeling for 21 cm Power Spectrum Estimation: A Method Demonstration and New Limits from Early Murchison Widefield Array 128-Tile Data, Dillon et al. 2015, PRD 91, 123011 [Arxiv, ADS, PRD]
  • Overcoming real-world obstacles in 21 cm power spectrum estimation: A method demonstration and results from early Murchison Widefield Array data, Dillon et al. 2014, PRD 89, 023002 [Arxiv, ADS, PRD]


  • A lower limit of Delta-z>0.06 for the duration of the reionization epoch, Bowman & Rogers (2010), Nature 468, 796 [Arxiv, ADS, Nature]


  • MITEoR: A Scalable Interferometer for Precision 21 cm Cosmology, Zheng et al. (2014), MNRAS 445, 1084 [Arxiv, ADS, MNRAS]

Foreground and Calibration Observations

  • A Flux Scale for Southern Hemisphere 21 cm Epoch of Reionization Experiments, Jacobs et al. (2014), ApJ 776, 108 [Arxiv, ADS, ApJ]
  • The Effects of Polarized Foregrounds on 21 cm Epoch of Reionization Power Spectrum Measurements, Moore et al. (2013), ApJ 769, 154 [Arxiv, ADS, ApJ]
  • The Precision and Accuracy of Early Epoch of Reionization Foreground Models: Comparing MWA and PAPER 32-antenna Source Catalogs, Jacobs et al. (2013), ApJ 769, 5 [Arxiv, ADS, ApJ]
  • Opening the 21 cm Epoch of Reionization Window: Measurements of Foreground Isolation with PAPER, Pober et al. (2013), ApJ 768, L36 [Arxiv, ADS, ApJ]
  • New 145 MHz Source Measurements by PAPER in the Southern Sky, Jacobs et al. (2011), ApJ 734, L34 [Arxiv, ADS, ApJ]
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